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    Government Classified USB Drives
    We have created a line of copyrighted silk screened USB Drives. The USB components are made in Taiwan but assembled in the USA. The USB Flash Drive is a thumb-sized portable storage device, which can store your essential data and access it easily anytime, anywhere. The USB plug & play makes connecting to your desktop or notebook much easier. No power supply and no external cables are required.
    SecretUnclassifiedSensitive But Unclassified
    Secret silk screened on USB drive Unclassified silk screened USB drive Unclassified silk screened USB drive
    (click to view larger image) Click on the USB for more information.
    • Compliant to USB 2.0 specification with full-speed transfer up to 480 Mbps
    • Comply with appropriate FCC regulations (Class B, CE, VCCI, CTICK).
    • Write-protect switch like floppy discs
    • Optional password security function provided by software
    • Truly plug & play connecting to USB, no need for additional power
    • Data reserve up to 10 years
    • Capacity:  8GB & 32GB Silkscreened in red with Secret
                      8GB & 32GB Silkscreened in green with Unclassified
                      8GB & 32GB Silkscreened in green with Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU)
    • Support Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Windows7&8 (will not work with Vista Ready Boost); Mac OS 10.1.2 above (8.6 later), Linux, and Unix
    • Assembled in the United States!
    • At Ease Computing, Inc. owns the copyrights to the Color Coded Government Classification Media ( Yellow SCI, Orange TS, Blue Confidential, Red Secret and Green Unclassified and Also F.O.U.O Freedom OF Information Act Law Enforcement Sensitive, Freedom Of Information act as well as all the (SAR Media) Special Access Required Purple, Orange Red and Green)


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