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Government (SF) and Corporate Security Labels now available click here

Classified USB drives in 8 & 32 GB available for immediate shipment
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Welcome to At Ease Computing!

We are the leading provider of customized media for the computing industry. AEC specializes in labeled CD's and DVD's, permanent classification labels, and disk duplication and packaging for all businesses.

Our copyrighted silk screened CD, DVD and USB media are used by numerous Federal, State and Local Governments. This ensures they have complete control over every disc or usb drive that contains their critical information.

We've added a line of high quality Secrurity Labels for government and corporations to clearly identify classified and proprietary equipment and documents.

Our staff is always available to help with your media needs!

To view our NDAA Form 889 Click Here

What our customers are saying:

"I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thanks' for a great product. It seems so simple but in the 4 or 5 years we have been ordering these CD/DVDs we have cut the number of mistakes of people putting classified disks into an unclassified system to almost zero!" 

- Lockheed Martin

Government Classified Media

Security Labels

Our Copyrighted storage media is specially designed for U.S. government agencies and contractors to control their sensitive electronic information.

Our clasified disks are available in CD-R, DVD+/-R and BluRay formats. They are silk screened with the government color coded security classification.

Our classified USB drives are available for your higher capacity storage needs in 8 & 32 gigabyte formats. They are color coded in green (Classified & Sensitive) or red (Secret).

All USB drives are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

We have high quality vinyl Security (SF) Labels to mark classified U.S. Government material and equipment.

We also have smaller government (non-SF) security labels used to identify your proprietary material.

Corporate and non-government labels are also available.

AEC is proud that its products are made in the USA!

Blank Media & Packaging

High quality blank CD, DVD-R & BluRay media at exceptional price points.

We also have a variety of media packaging supplies.

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